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AboutMental is a little project for providing psychological disorder tests which are based on manual reviews. At the moment we are providing all these tests for free, we are sending a full report after our user requests to review his responses. Our aim is to provide, accurate answer to every query we will receive.

Along with mental tests we are providing information about psychological disorders. In other words, after we realize our user is tormented by a mental disturbance, we tend to advocate them to browse information about disorder he might be suffering. If you are unsure, whether you are suffering from a psychological disorder, then take one of our tests and wait for our report.

Depression Test - Am I Depressed Anxiety Disorder Test Bipolar Test - Am I Bipolar
This test will help you find out, whether you are suffering from depression. Your test responses will be sent to a psychologist and we will send a full report. Anxiety is general term for many other disorders like GAD, OCD, Phobia, etc. So this test can only check your anxiety level. This test is designed to find out, whether you are suffering from bipolar disorder. A full report will be sent after professional review.
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Social Anxiety Disorder Test Schizophrenia Disorder Test  Personality Type Test 
Social anxiety is also known as social phobia, you can get a full report on this, you have to answer some (YES/No) questions. Psychologist will review your responses. In this test we have provided little information about this disorder, you can receive a printable report after we have received your test sheet. For fun you can check which personality type is yours, it can check introvert and extrovert and paranoid personalities. 
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We have created a group of authors, who will update you with latest information about psychology, mental health and psychological disorders.

If you are not able to diagnose your psychological disorder, which has made your life miserable, then come and share your story and we will help you. People who have shared thoughts in our forums, have already got what They Were need of. If you do not want to share your problem with people then you can ask your questions in private psychology forms. In our psychology help forums some experts are visiting frequently to answer your questions.

For some tests we are using automatic results, but most of our tests are human review based. Psychological tests are designed to check whether a person is in low grade or in high grade, but a psychologist can accurately answer after asking some questions. The psychologist will predict your psychological disorder by getting your responses. He will ask you to remember which symptoms you might have and where you have to go for treatment. We are doing exactly as a psychologist. You can call us as 'online psychologist', We can tel you whether you are suffering from any psychological disorder.

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