We assist people who need to discuss anxiety related questions with a mental health professional. People with this disorder can get valuable information, self help and support from our therapists and counselors. We assist people for finding solutions to social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, Post traumatic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

There are many other anxiety related disorders for which we help online.The online help as well as free help for various anxiety disorders. You will get tips and information by our profession mental health experts who are well trained in treating and diagnosing anxiety disorder.

For emergency help people should contact their personal health care. Here you can get information and self help guidance from our experts. We connect people with our mental health professional experts and then they discuss anxiety related questions. We can not offer treatment online completely but we can help you to get information for anxiety only.

If you are not familiar with anxiety disorder then please read out this anxiety disorder article or take anxiety quiz and then come again and if you feel you are also suffering from this disorder then get in touch with us so that we can  assist you. Every one is free to get help from our experts related to anxiety  like men, women, adults, teenagers, children etc.

If you want to help someone else then please collect all information about the patient and then request help. We are using many ways to help you in which direct help and our guide is included. In guide you can read information about anxiety and in our direct help you will be able to chat live with a therapist. To receive direct help please fill below updated  information in form and send it or read steps to receive direct help from us.

Steps for getting anxiety help:

  • We recommend you to take our anxiety test first.
  • Collect all information like your symptoms.
  • Post your all information in mental health forum and wait for our experts reply.

Fourth step: If we feel you need fast conversation with our counselor or psychologist we will give you Anxiety chat session and if we feel you just need little information about anxiety then we will reply you.

Please note that anxiety help service from AboutMental.com is legal service and it is not created for direct treatment of anxiety disorder. As we told earlier that the main aim is to provide information and aware people about anxiety.

If you got question about anxiety help service then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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