Objective of About Mental is to inspire and make you solid  by its depression quotes proposed by our different authors especially Deen Mohd Dar. Theses quotes can help you to get emotional relief and sometimes makes you brave to face depression. These depression quotes are Deen's personal writing and sometimes poetic devices are used. These quotes are also easy to understand and it can make you busy. Hope you will enjoy these quotes and also if you have your own depression quote then kindly  share with us.

Author: Deen Mohd Dar

Depressing quote of day "Life is struggle to live and depression is like motor when starts it will go on but it does not know what work is done by its power. Stress is like bulb when we switch it it gives light and when we switch it off it  invites darkness to frighten us. You should not fear until you search what is true."

1." I do not know why plans fail every time, why world is so shrinked, why i am not able to understand myself, why i feel to remain alone, I just can not do anything rightly but all i know is my mind pops."

2. "If i was not born but i am living why i am not a tree which can sing without any pressure, I sometimes feel like i am flying but i found my feets in the floor."

3. "I am not a person who care about others i think everyone is like me and God is watching us and makes us fool but i want to talk with him for a minute even only one second."

4."I am hopeless but it does not mean i have no support but i want to born new to get another chance to become hopeful."

5. " Sometimes life needs to recover but when nothing works then what should a person do."

6. " Oh my mother my head is heavy do you have any idea to refresh it."

7. " If you are depressed then try to understand your feeling, recall your fast enjoyable moments and share with another person, if it does not work then make your mind fool, by manage things like mad."

8. " Everything is dark, world is dark, my home is dark, moon is not opening her eyes in these days because my mind is dark."

9. " My feet feel some whispering between grass and my mind, i can hear clearly that they are saying every thing is all right but why you feel so."

10. "I am view world differently, my life differently, my emotions differently but now want to know is every one thinking like me."

11. " If noting works then one thing can work which is hope, which i have lost but want to gain it, can you find any way."

12. " Every time i want to stay, i want to remain alone, when i go to crowded i think everyone is going mad and this makes distance."

13. " You are not alone but we are here to help you but no one is helping me and i think everyone is going greedy."

14. "Helping a depressed person is like helping whole world because he is thinking hole world is like him."

15. " You have never tried to understand me so now i want to understand you because you are very hopeless for me."

16. " If i have done wrong in my depressed world to you my friend then you should forgive me because you can not understand my dark world in which i am living."

17. " It does not matter how much depressed you are but it matters what steps you have took, if dangerous then you are not brave and if you want to return to your real world then you are bravest."

18. " Face your men which is telling you such stupid ideas, tell him that i want to meet alone and i want to discuss what is your problem."

19. " Facing challenges is experience to face depression, if you face it various times then it will give you chance to get it over."

20. " Do not fear because fear is one of the main element which alerts to face depression."

21. " Mother it is your son which gets such thoughts i want to now is it evil or it is my own fault."

22. "My beloved how i can say how it comes and how it goes but i can say it sometimes say i am coming again and it makes me anxious."

23. " Why i am feeling like my mind is stupid to remain busy in collecting past events."

24. "Some parts are so connected that they do not want to leave but i am stucked to join them again."

25. " Sometimes feeling you should drink and it can give some relief but when coming in the real world it goes worse.”

26. " Depressed describes a person but depression describes whole human beings so i am not alone, everyone is depressed. I am feeling it again and again but some people suffer it whole life, I am hopeful so i am not depressed."

27. " Every day my mind counts how much room i have, every morning i am sleeping over the normal and every night i feel myself dead, But when i found myself living i feel happy."

28. " if you think you have potential to face fear then you can treat your self in a good manner but if you feel lazy then nothing can work, Beat depression by defeating your laziness."

29. " Two things i have learned in my life experiences, one is when i feel depressed i was going to lonely place and second when i was feeling sad i was listening sad songs but after this experiences i have never found why i as doing so."

30. " Fear of facing is not real fear but it is anxiety, Fear will never let you go to right path because you have depression."

The Philosiphical nature of these quotes makes it difficult to understand it . If you succeed in understanding one quote it will give you self esteem,build confidence and make you smart than others.
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Other Authors

It is ridiculous to make designs and it is worrying to take action, every day i think why i am suffering from this as i was good in childhood.

Sometimes my own hands beat me, sometimes legs street me and some times i can not find my self present because i was busy in past.

From years my mind is looking for a happy person who is never my friend, not my enemy, not my relative, it is me and myself.