What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is an anxiety disorder, in which people become anxious after getting uncontrolled, repeated and unwanted thoughts or ideas leads them to perform a compulsive act.Obsessive compulsive disorder mainly covers two main parts, cognitive process and behavioral actions.

In cognitive process, a person gets uncontrolled thoughts from which he/she becomes anxious e.g. fear of misshapen, after I do this. These thoughts are uncontrolled and come again and again, even if ignored.

In behavioural actions, a person performs some actions repeatedly after getting an idea or thought for the safeguard of oneself or others. They feel urge to do so, they want to ignore those actions but cannot overcome. e.g. washing hands after touching something. There are various causes which make a compulsive behavior. 

In short people with obsessive compulsive disorder, get repeated and unwanted thoughts and ideas which makes them frightened. A person will try to ignore these thoughts but due to anxiety they become verse day by day. People with this disorder are treated by cognitive behavioural therapy or psychotherapy. A psychiatrist will diagnose the cause of these thoughts and then will move towards treatment. He will prescribe antidepressants to reduce symptoms.

My mother was suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder

It is not a boring story, but it is a real story of my mother and how helped her. I am still psychology student, but it doesn't mean, I have not experienced obsessive compulsive disorder. When I was studying psychology, I came to know, I am also suffering from this disorder, but i treated them and helped myself, without any professional help. I helped my mother in recovering, but she was not believing that I am an expert.

It was easy for me to treat my psychological disorder and anxiety disorders as I was able to understand, how the mind works and how to redirect my worst thoughts to good one. I feel that it is difficult for my mom, to understand without getting stupid thoughts again and again.

In 2011 I was about to get a bachelor's in psychology and find mental health counseling, That time my mom talked with me and she told me " I am getting some bad thoughts like, I am swearing on my own family members dearly and I feel like mad. I want to ignore them but can not"

The big mistake everyone is doing is hiding thoughts so here advice is to share your thoughts with experts and friends so that they can help you. I am telling this because my mother have not shared her problem with anyone in the family.

Symptoms of Obsessive compulsive disorder.

Anxiety itself is the symptom of OCD and in below listed signs, anxiety or unreal worrying plays a big role.

1. Rechecking
2. Repeated unwanted thoughts.
2. Fear of getting infection after touching something.
3. Fear of hurting loved ones.
4. checking safety of loved ones.
4. Feeling of guilt and praying for forgiveness.
6. Repeating words, singing to reduce fear.
7. Repeated Aggressive thoughts about something or some person.
8. Images of sexal activites.
9. Fear about numbers and words.
10. Superstitious attitude
11. Counting numbers without any reason.
12. Arranging things properly.

You can take an obsessive compulsive disorder test to make sure if you are also suffering from this disorder.

Treatment of OCD

Every person may have different type of ocd and treatment will depend on the diagnosis made by professional mental health expert. There are some common treatment methods used to reduce symptoms of OCD.

Let us say you are washing hands repeatedly and you have fear of receiving infections. A mental health professional can give you antidepressant to reduce anxiety and then will work towards treatment of your compulsive acts. Cognitive behavioural therapy will be used to guide your thoughts and your behavioural actions.

All types are treated with psychotherapy and cognitive training. Antidepressants are also used to reduce anxiety. Obsessive compulsive disorder is not difficult to treat so you can check our self help guide below.

Self help Guide for Treatment.

My main aim was to provide these tips so obsessive compulsive disorder is based on irrational thinking and negative thoughts. You have to start recovery process and we will help you. Main thing for treatment is, where to start and you can start with these tips.

  1. In my experience you should first learn to concentrate. First you must remember your thoughts are irrational and you have to avoid fear,
  2. I have read read somewhere that a person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder should remain busy, but in practice it does not work because it will not help in reducing fear of getting these thoughts again.
  3. Making goals can help you concentration and will force you to think positive.
  4. When I started the treatment of my mother I told her to focus on problem solving. Problem solving will help in making good designs.
  5. You should research some ways by which you can force your mind to redirect negative thoughts to positive ways and some are listed in another step. This will help you refresh your memory.
  6. Anxious thoughts should have drug strong roots in your memory so keep your memory fresh by changing your daily habit.
  7. Morning walk, looking at natural things, painting, hobby and problem solving will keep your dump memory away.

You are not alone in fighting your thoughts, you can contact me any time and I will give you more tips according to your OCD type. I have helped my mom so I can also help you. If you are saying this question do i have obsessive compulsive disorder? then check out this story.