If you are looking for a psychiatrist, who can talk with you online and you can get but, you will need to pay money for chat session. We are willing to help you without paying fee. First tell yourself why you need to talk with a psychiatrist?. if you have any psychological disorder and you need advice from a psychiatrist then stop. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and we do not think, they can spend free time with your online. Yes if you can pay them their fee then you will be able to chat. The psychiatrist can diagnose a psychiatric problem and can prescribe medicines like antidepressants but a psychologist can also do this but, can not prescribing medicines.

Honestly here we will not help you to chat with a psychiatrist but, we can help you determine your psychiatric problem. Psychiatrists will not prescribe you medicines online because it is out of law but, they can provide you information. Aboutmental want to help you with, any psychological disorder. For this you have to share your problem and you will provide accurate and helpful information. We have online psychologists who are spending time with people for free.

If you are willing to help yourself by getting information from our psychologists then ask your question here. After we receive your question, we will provide you all information. Which you will need to maintain your mental health.

If you want to pay fee to psychiatrist for advice then we can manage a psychiatrist for you. Psychiatrist will be managed by our team who will be able to talk with you on webcam, text chat. If you are interested then feel free to contact us. Every chat session will have different fee. Please note aboutmental is not providing free psychiatric chat but, will provide better information than a psychiatrist, for your psychological disorder.

You can browse our mental health guide and can take different psychological tests which can help you find your real problem. For more information visit online psychiatrist page.